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We are experienced attorneys who can represent your best interest in a court of law regarding immigration, social security, criminal or family matters. We are multilingual attorneys in the Orlando region who are ready to help you.

Social Security Disability, Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorneys

At SK LAW Attorneys provide immediate Attention to your case in Orlando, FL

If you or your loved ones are thinking to apply or have been denied for Social Security benefits in Casselberry, FL, our attorneys will review and evaluate your case. Is your physical or mental disability keeping you from working a full-time job, have you been told no too many times? Have you been denied for disability too many times? Regardless of your legal problem, you shouldn’t have to wait to talk to an attorney. At Law Offices of Smith & Kurbatova, our attorneys provide individualized attention and representation to Social Security Disability clients as well as clients in need of legal assistance with Family Law, Criminal Defense and Immigration matters in Central Florida. To schedule a consultation, do not wait, contact us today and one of our experienced attorneys will meet with you.

Katerina KurbatovaClients’ ChoiceAward 2017

Making a difference in your life by handling your legal issues is the goal of our Altamonte Springs/Casselberry/Winter Springs/Longwood/Lake Mary Florida Immigration attorneys

Attorneys at Law Offices of Smith & Kurbatova guide their clients through every step of the process for Immigration, Social Security Disability and Criminal Law matters. We are one of the few firms in Orlando, Florida area who helps clients from the very first step of Social Security Disability process, application stage. Our attorneys are here to help people fill out disability benefit applications.

We handle various types of Immigration claims. Whether you are afraid to go back to your home country due to past persecution or fear of future persecution or have been a victim of the crime in United States, our attorney will advise you what are the best Immigration options for you. From applications and petitions to Naturalization stages, our Central Florida boutique firm will assist you with all your Immigration needs. Are you an Immigrant who came to this country and want to discuss your options with an experienced attorney? Give us a call, we have handled many cases and we can help you handle yours. We also defend clients in Criminal cases in Central Florida.

Personalized Service From Knowledgeable and Experienced Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys

Experienced Orlando, FL lawyers at our firm provide personal attention to each our client facing criminal charges. As soon as you will call our office, one of our legal assistants will be able to assist you in scheduling an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys. Whether you prefer a phone consultation or an in person meeting, one of our lawyers will discuss your best options and strategies of legal defense in your Criminal Matter. Have you been charged with the crime in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia or other Florida counties? Do not wait, give us a call to schedule your case evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys. After your case evaluation and consultation, your lawyer will continue to work with you at every stage of your case.

Our experienced attorneys and professional support staff have successfully helped thousands of clients to obtain Social Security disability and SSI benefits, fought the State of Florida in various Misdemeanors and serious Felony crimes, and helped Immigrants to obtain green cards and become Naturalized Citizens of the United States. Do not wait any longer, give us a call so we can let you know what we can do for you to get the best results.


Our immigration attorneys can help you with visa applications, green cards and citizenship.

Social Security

Whether you are trying to apply or appealing a denial for Social Security Disability, our attorneys can help.

Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you are represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Personal Injury

Let our experienced Personal Injury attorneys help to get you the damages you deserve.

Family Law

The Law Office of Smith & Kurbatova is committed to helping you navigate through difficult family situations.

Probate / Wills & Trusts

Let our experienced team help you with your legal needs.

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Kurbatova’s Reviews



Posted by Marjorie
May 24, 2017

Thank you for all your help.

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.



Posted by Aida Hourani
May 17, 2017

She did a great job walked us through the hole process Very knowledge in her field. I would recommend her to all my friends .

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.

Love my lawyer!


Posted by Patsy
May 1, 2017

My 13 year son got in a fight at school and a teacher got hit and a police officer got pushed. He was arrested and charged with assault on a public school official, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. Katerina was prepared to fight and she never backed down when the state prosecutor wouldn't back down. He tried to get two years in lockup, Katerina wasn't going, he tried to give us probation, community service, mandatory drug testing,, and anger management. She wouldn't take that either. When she finished fighting like a bull dog, my son got all charges dropped with 8 hours of anger management counseling and 25 hours of community service. I would hire her again in ANY situation!

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.
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Smith’s Reviews



Posted by Alex
July 24, 2016

I came to know of her through the Persian monthly publication Pardis. At the beginning of the conversation I was nervous, thinking that she would pretend to not having time and would be hanging up on me! But, contrary, she was so relaxed, patient, and attentive listening to my statement for a long time. That gave me a motivation to even read to her the letter I had composed for the consulate on two pages on the phone. Parisa’s advice was to the point and effective for which I am greatly thankful.

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.
Consulted attorney

One of the best lawyer


Posted by Rajib Barua
June 10, 2016

I heard about her before from my friends and they recommended me to go to her if need any help. she is really a good lawyer. i highly recommend to go to her if anyone need help with their case or something like that! :)

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.
Hired attorney

Pre-nup Agreement


Posted by Anonymous
June 1, 2016

She is the best lawyer ever. She is so patient and caring person. She spent so much time on my case and answered all of my questions. She is so focused and the moment she was on my case I felt she is there 100%. I liked that she was considering everything and not only negative things, because most of the lawyers see only negative and they forget about good sides. Also I told her I have limited time and she and her assistant they did their best to finish my case ASAP. She did not only spend time with me, but also my fiancé' questions. Also she even offered me to translate everything to different language only for the sake of my understanding and even she spent her weekend on my case!! Ms. Shafiee you are the best! I really recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trust worthy, patient and focused lawyer.

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.
Hired attorney
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